Saturday, December 29, 2012

A taste of magic?

Finally!  A show of magic!  Kinda necessary in a story concerning swords & sorcery.  Are our heros about to be rid of these hideous tunnels?

For the most part - content with this one, although I feel like I need to do some work on the magic wall effects - just doesn't seem like it has enough pizzazz.  *shrug* Oh well, good enough for now.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Melee continues ....

Yet another page, as the combat for our heros continue.  Wonder if they can tell the difference between the enchanted Yig Sith and the not-enchanted Yig Sith, as far as combat goes ...

I still would like to finish the chapter before the end of the year, but there's no way I can do five pages in three days.

I'm ready to get the characters out of these alien-esque passageways - I'm tired of drawing and coloring them already.  Not to mention, I'm past ready for the heros to get on the move; explore distance lands; encounter exotic creatures; and get into even more adventure.

*sigh* Oh well, we'll get there eventually ....

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A return to the action

With it being only around 16 or so hours late.

With that being typed, I wish everyone a very blessed holiday season, no matter which religion, if any, you celebrate, and a happy new year.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Info dump.....

I suppose a couple of apologies are necessary for this one ....

First - I know, I'm late - pre-generated excuse #044 - the holidays.  'Nuff said.

Second - this is a little back ground on the monsters that our heros are currently fighting against.  Again.

Since last time (yeah, back in November) I couldn't fit all the script on the planned page, I ended up adding a page to the script in order to handle my overly verbose nature.  Fairly happy with the layout on this one, but I have decided that I need to re-do the Temple of Romanova.

I "constructed" the Temple in a 3D CAD type program.  That way I wouldn't have to wonder what the temple looked like from odd camera angles.  And I wanted it based on the ancient Greek temples, ala Amazonian style.  In theory, a brilliant idea.  However, since I didn't get the scale of the temple right (from the beginning), and since I'm not liking how my digital engineering is turning out, I've decided that I'm going to delete the file and start over from scratch.  So, maybe one day, I'll go back and edit the previous pages with the new temple design.  Yeah.  Right.

Another thing is that I've gone back a page, and "fixed" my editing mistakes on the first page of this info dump.  Now, I just have to work my way back one more page to fix editing mistakes.  Then I get to go back even further and fix some shading errors (or lack thereof).

I was hoping to have this chapter finished by the end of the year - probably not going to happen.  There are five more pages (maybe even six) to go before the chapter is finished.  I have three of them ready to color and am still working on the pencils for the other two.  So, I'm gonna say this chapter won't be finished until February of next year.  Apologies, but that's just life getting in the way of my artistic endeavors.

Any ways, enjoy the end of the info dump.  Cheers!