Saturday, June 27, 2015

After dinner ...

New page here.

After dinner refreshments and relaxations.  And a revelation from one of the main characters.  Wonder why Faust would be dwelling on such thoughts?  Only time may tell, eh?

I like this page - half text and art.  The text is, of course, a basic info dump to fill in the small details and give some cultural clues.  The mountains, the ocean, and the beginning of a sunset - I enjoyed working on this lots.  Almost therapeutic.  I was hoping to depict the majesty of this area that should be conveyed.  My finished piece is almost as good as my mental image.

Next up will be our heroes' journey through the Keltori Highlands.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Meeting the family

Current page is here.

Our heroes finally make it inside the Strold to meet the family.  And the other dramatis personae located here.  Wonder why I took the time to introduce all these people?

I like this page.  The stonework background was a royal pain in me arse, but I really like the way this one turned out.  The only thing that I'd change is to do more shading.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A glimpse inside the Addakhan Strold

New Page here.

Our heroes get to see what is within the giant glass dome of the Addakhan Strold. The dome was built to protect the courtyard and the fruit grove from the continual downpour from the waterfall, and to protect the trees from the harsh mountain climate.  And, I suppose I should stop with all the sage like drivel. and let you enjoy (I hope) the new page.

I enjoyed this creating this page.  I've been waiting quite a while to do these drawings, as I've had the ideas for the Strold's interior in my sketch books for years.  Some of the figures are also a slight tip of the hat to the old 8 bit games of old (SSI's Gold Box games).  All in all, a fun page to draw & color.

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