Sunday, May 31, 2015

And the inhabitants within ....

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An initial meeting with one of the Brightstar family, which might be an important element somewhere in a distant future story.  Maybe?  Could be?  Only time will tell....

I get to start revealing the inside of the Addakhan Strold fortress, and the characters that live there.  Pretty happy with this one for the most part.  The part that killed me / took up a lot of time, is the interior stone walls.  They were kinda a headache ....  but I hope you enjoy.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Entering the Addakhan Strold

Our tired and dusty heroes gain entry into the mighty fortress, having to by-pass the only inn that they've seen since they left Serenity Gulch (much to the objection of their stomachs).  They are only thinking about a hearty meal, cold ale, and a cushy bed to sleep in....

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Pretty content with this page - got to show off the setting, exterior of Addakhan Strold, and a part of the Daystar bridge.  However, I've decided that coloring, and giving texture to, the Boneyard Canyon is a major pain.  Not sure if the heroes will have any more adventures at this setting.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A waypoint of their journey

The heroes spend a few days getting to know each other as they speed towards the Frost Lands, and finally approach the fortress of Addakhan Strold.  This fortress guards the Daystar bridge entry point into Atlaas.  It is considered a small thorp (regular population: 75), mostly inhabited by soldiers of Atlass, with a contingent of necessary serfs - traders, professionals, and laborers.  It is managed by the Brightstar family, and has been for generations.  This fortress oversees all commerce that goes in and out of the kingdom via the Daystar Bridge.

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Mostly happy with this one - the coloring went rather quickly and am mostly happy with the results.  I have finished the CGI version of the fortress (which the original was lost in the computer crash of 2013), so the next page should be ready on schedule as well.  You can pop over to my Deviant Art page and check a preview of the Addakhan Strold.

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