Sunday, December 14, 2014

My, how times flies

First off, a new page!

The dream sequence continues here, culminating with a *gasp!* horror from ages past.  Imagine that ...

Now, the reason for it being about eight months late.  Short of the long - my art computer crashed and burned back in April.  It has taken this long for me to get my new one built.  My friends on facebook have seen the non-cosmetic photos of the rebuild, but before long, I might post some photos of my computer mod on my deviant art page.

Now, it's time for a small dissertation / rant about art work, or the reason why it's important to a creative mind.  I haven't been a complete slacker these past eight months, as I have been doing some pencil & ink work for my web comic.  Being unable to put the finishing touches on these pages, and not being able to share them with others (I have discovered), is a mildly stressful thing.  I've discovered I'd rather have deadlines than no outlet for this pent up energy.  It makes me cranky (more so than normal, if you believe that) and kinda unhappy with things.  But now that I'm able to completely art again, it's all groovy.

So, please, enjoy the new page, and the ones to follow.