Monday, August 29, 2016

How time flies

Or not.  A new comic you say?

About friggin' time.  Or rather, past time.  Motivation - who developed this elusive idea, what?

Now, on to our heroes and their story -
Our heroes pick up where we left off from the Daystar Bridge (after the ominous little cut-scene) and their arrival at Faerie's Crossing.  The story gets started with their experiences in the Kel'tori Highlands, and the slightly insular culture there-in.  Will the heroes speed along on their time sensitive mission?  Will they arrive in the Frostland village of Norrvik with the crucial medicine in time?

As for updates, I will admit that I have worked on all I rambled about last time, I just haven't quite finished them all .  Yet.  But, the good news is, I'm about three pages ahead in the story line, so unless something drastic happens within the next month, there will be new pages to read every week.

EDIT: I remember one thing I was wanting to discuss/relate to you avid reader - that of accents in speech bubbles.  Decades ago when I first started the whole small press comic book endeavor, I want to portray accents with different fonts.  Great idea in theory, horrible idea in execution.  Having different characters speaking in different fonts made for difficult reading.
So that idea was scrapped.
Over the years, I've read quite a few comics where either the creator or the letterer tried to capture the accents phonetically.  As above, a great idea in theory.  But having to try and translate what the character is saying, difficult at best.
From these attempts (both mine and other creator's) I've learned that reading flow is much better than trying to be impressively fancy.  Then some time earlier this year (or maybe last year - time is so difficult to quantify it seems) I came across a genius that solved this problem!
Ever though I can't find the article that discussed this new method for simplifying accents and different languages, I thought it ingenious!  I found it here, in this article, from Blambot's facebook page.

(this section is from the bottom of the article)
Because of this, I'm going to play around a bit with the different accents and languages.  This is where the green outline plays into the bar wench's speech balloons.  I do encourage discussion about this, and any helpful or insightful ideas are more than welcome.

Until next time,