Friday, January 23, 2015

Off to a sluggish start

First and foremost - new page!!!

Now the story is back with our heroes, following them on their journey up-river.  The next couple of pages are going to be a Indiana Jone-esque type travel progression (I hope), highlighting key points in their sojourn into the Frost Lands.

The big hang up on this page were the cards.  Far be it from me to use the tradition playing cards deck that everyone is familiar with - No! - I had to make my own.  The cards in this page are the final version (ie, version 6 if you really want to know).  The good news is that (as soon as I finish the face cards), I'll put the whole set on Deviant Art.  Probably in PDF format, so you can print them out (on cardstock) and make your very own Arcane Compass deck of playing cards.

Stay tuned!  Til next time -