Sunday, January 8, 2017

A distraction .... or 12 .....

Ok, so - new year and no new page.  I'm working on them, I swear.  I'm just taking my time (again).  That and life seems to be insistent on not being agreeable all the time.

    As you can see, I'm building Stoneport in TrueSpace (yeah, yeah - I know - 4.0 is like 20 years old), and it's almost finished.  While in the current story line, this location doesn't play a big role, I still want to get it finished (as it'll play a larger role in the future of the current story line).

I found a copy of the last version of TrueSpace that was released - 7.6 - but there's a slight learning curve transitioning from 4.0 to 7.6 - so give me time.

Now, the distractions - (warning - lots of cool videos) - making gaming terrain from cardboard ....

DM Scotty
DMG Info
Wyloch's Armory
Black Magic Craft 
...among many others.

Not like I haven't been stockpiling old boxes & styrofoam for years

    So, after lots of research (see above links), I decided to try my hand at this crafting manner.  Since the outside temperature was below freezing, and since we'd had a few inches of snow, I thought I'd try some basic designs -
    In my defense, I didn't have all the resources that I needed for this - namely all the different paint colors, the water based gloss sealant, or double ply cardboard.  But I thought these basic sewer tiles turned out pretty good for a noob.  Then I guess that the idea of sewer construction grabbed onto my imagination, because what I had planned to do never surfaced.  I had planned on doing some interior pieces - tiles with wooden floors and such.  Yeah well .....
    Years ago I bought a new appliance and it had this cool piece of foam packaging.  I immediately thought "this would be a cool scene for table top gaming" and set about doing something with it.  I made it as far as mixing a cover/sealant for it from thin-set mortar, plaster, PVA glue, and painting most of the inside with it.  Then it ended up in the garage, to be stored, for years.
    Since I was outside yesterday, either bringing in firewood or shoveling the driveway, I noticed this lonely piece just hanging out in the garage.  So, my wooden floor tile project suddenly became a "Let's finish the main villain's lair in the sewers" project.
    The crushing part of this weekend was when I ran out of gluesticks for my hot glue gun.  And the roads were covered in ice.  And it was like 7° F outside *grumble, grumble*

I made it this far at least .....
    Not like I've done any table top gaming in years (with an exception here and there), nor have I DM'ed any games in quite sometime.  So it isn't like these are going to be used anytime soon, I just wanted to try my hand at building some of the awesomely cool stuff I've seen over the years.  For some reason, I have the sinking feeling that I've acquired another new hobby ...... *le sigh*

  So here are the excuses as to why I haven't posted a new page in a little while.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be off to try and requisition more crafting supplies (ie, hot glue gun sticks).

Until next time,