Sunday, May 21, 2017

Once again into the ..... journey

You might need a slight recap of whats going on here ... so I'll do a brief summary.

Our heroes were commissioned by a ranking officer in the Golden Cross to escort to individuals from the Frostlands, one gnome named Wilhelm Roscoe Triggerbolt and one human simply named Ralock, back to their home village of Norrvik, with a medical package to help the village's chief administrator's daughter, Sѷara, with her debilitating dreams.  They have been traveling in an ox drawn wagon, across the Kel'tὂri lands, through the dwarven stronghold of Stoneport, back to the Frostlands.

So, that's where we are finally with this new page.

So, it's taken a while.  Like six months a while.  As you can see from the last post, as verbose as it was, it wasn't a good winter for me or my family.  And, while this page has been patiently waiting on my harddrive, I just couldn't find the motivation to get back to it.  But now that I have, hopefully I will be able to get back into some kind of schedule again.

Kinda happy with this, kinda not.  The happy part is that I finally got to use the CGI Stoneport that I had worked on so long again.  The bad part was, after getting thing situated in the panels, I had to go back and do a design modification to the fortress (but no biggie - just don't know why I didn't think of that before hand).  The other bad part is I'm kinda rusty with the drawing and coloring and such.  Outta practice slightly.  But that will take care of itself before long.  So, enjoy! 😎

Until next time,